By: Administrator on April 1st, 2014

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April Fools: 5 Tips for What Women Should (NOT) Wear to an Interview

What to wear to a job interview is a question I get pretty often. I cannot stress the importance of that first impression that gets made when interviewing with a potential future employer, especially in this job market - everything counts. Below are my top 5 fashion tips for what to wear to an interview. Pay close attention to each, they will definitely help to ensure that you get that step up above your competition.

I should also mention that this is a April Fool’s Day joke... so, I hope that no one actually takes these tips seriously. Really, don't do any of the stuff mentioned below. I'm not liable if you do. Check out my real article on how to (seriously) dress to impress, and what some good decisions going into a first interview actually might look like.

Tip #1 – The Sense of Scents - When it comes to perfume, don’t forget: more is always more. Studies have shown that the human brain will subconsciously latch on to smells, so layer it on thick right before you head into the interview. For extra impact, double up with two of your favorites.

Tip #2 - Proving Your Creative Worth - You want to stand out from everyone else applying for the job and show your creative side. An interview is a great time to experiment with your make up! Try a new bright and bold lip coloring combined with dark and heavily layered eye makeup; it's a sure-fire way to show your hopeful future employer you mean business, and can color outside the lines to get the job done.

Tip #3 - Accessorizing Isn't Limited to the Desk - Accessories are always a must, as it gives the opportunity to let your future employer see how you'll make the job your own; and I say the bigger the better! Why not throw on some over sized hoops or large arm-bangles? Bling is king after-all, and big bold statements are sure to get you remembered as the candidate who is really going to shake things up in the new role. Combine with an oversized necklace, a fully loaded charm bracelet, and some ankle bracelets to build up a collection of conversation pieces for when the interview hits that eventual point of awkward silence.

Tip #4 - Showing You're Ahead of the Curve - Denim, Denim, Denim! I personally find denim to be one of my favorite parts of dressing up for an interview, and experts will probably agree with me that denim is the biggest upcoming professional fashion trend. On top of presenting yourself as the most trendy candidate they are sure to have that day, denim is a very relatable material (who doesn't wear jeans to work), and will show the person interviewing you that you have a lot in common. To give yourself a bit of an edge and show them you really care to stand out, make sure to wear a pair with holes in it. Extra points if you rip them that morning to build that emotional connection.

Tip #5 – Shoes Are Made for Hiring - This can quite possibly be the hardest component in choosing your interview attire, since your shoe choice should vary depending on the season. I've found that there are a couple simple ways to break it down and show your future employer how in touch and sensible you really are. During the Spring and Summer seasons, keep it simple and to the point - flip flops are a great go-to. During the Fall and Winter, I always suggest the highest stilettos you can find, perhaps ones you’ve worn out to the club recently, as they'll empower you with that beam of confidence that employers look to offset the dreary cold months.

Again, it is extremely important to create a great and lasting first impression during the interview process, from the moment you walk into the door to the moment to say goodbye to security on the way out. Never ever devalue the impact that a great outfit, look, and overall style can make during your first meeting.