By: Amber Pereira on June 17th, 2016

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The Best Tools for Onboarding New Employees

Best Practices | Talent Acquisition

Onboarding a new hire is a very exciting time! The energy a new team
member brings can add a fun, fresh dynamic to the team along with the exciting possibilities of what this new meeting of the minds could achieve.  There is so much to do to bring your new team member up to speed, many HR professionals use a checklist to keep the process on track.  Orientation programs, and informational packets are also common tools used to educate new team members on the inner workings of an organization.  In my years of onboarding, there always seem to be questions commonly asked, or bits of information that are pertinent but don’t seem to truly fit into any of the content.

As a way of solving these minor glitches, my colleagues and I developed a FAQ for our new team members and we would love to share it with you.  You can add as many as you need, break it down to 30, 60, or 90 day intervals, or divide it up by categories.  The possibilities are endless! One thing for sure, your new team member will appreciate the extra step you take for their convenience, and you can rest assured you covered all your bases!

To go along with the FAQ, we consultants at Helios HR are huge fans of checklists.  We have a checklist for everything! The Onboarding Checklist is best utilized when the tasks are clearly outlined, and broken down by stages of the hiring process.  This helps the hiring manager stay on track and ensure that all pertinent information is covered.  Click here to see a snippet of an Onboarding Checklist created by us and used for our clients.

While onboarding programs vary from company to company, FAQs and checklists are tools commonly seen.  These tools are recommended to ensure a smooth process, but are definitely not required by law.  What are some tools that you have found work for your company?