By: Helios on August 22nd, 2017

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Interim HR Consulting Vs. Temporary Staffing Services

Your HR Manager just notified you she is leaving the area.  After sitting down and taking a deep breath, you start thinking…. “Hmm…what do I do now?” The scenarios may sound something like:

  • “Is there anyone internally that can step in for the HR Manager?”
  • “Do temporary staffing agencies provide HR Management staff?”
  • “I wonder what consultants exist that can come in and keep the HR function moving forward?”

Where do you start?

Most of us would reach out to colleagues to see if they have resources that they could recommend.  Others would rely on Google or Bing for a quick search to find a few ideas. I would like to suggest you consider Helios HR because we can 1) quickly step in and serve as your Interim HR Manager and 2) if you wanted to hire a replacement for your HR Manager, we specialize in recruiting HR professionals.

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Interim HR Consulting Vs. Temporary Staffing Services

Often times organizations compare Helios HR to temporary staffing companies. Having worked with temporary staffing through previous employers, some of the challenges that I faced were no immediate availability of trained HR staff. Depending on the level of expertise and knowledge desired, a temporary employee would have to be recruited, interviewed and hired by the temporary staffing agency before they could ever be presented to my company. This process often averaged between 4-6 weeks to accomplish.

Another consideration is the majority of individuals working through temporary staffing companies are ultimately looking for full-time employment, but are working through temporary staffing until they can find full-time employment.  The problem I found with this was when I would finally get the individual trained and functioning to starting actually helping, he/she would find full-time employment and I’d have to start all over again. In general, most temporary staffing companies have a 60% markup above what the temporary employee is receiving to cover their costs.

That said, when I found out about Helios, I was in-shock that their Interim HR Consulting service was available. “Where have you been all my career?!” What I love is that the Helios team is made up of seasoned HR professionals with diverse backgrounds and experience. Because we provide a mix of consulting, outsourcing, and recruiting services, we always have team members available on-hand to provide HR leadership or assistance to clients right away on short notice. These are highly-trained full-time employees of Helios HR who provide consulting services in all functional areas of HR including management of the function itself. Clients get partnered with one dedicated consultant to serve your organization on site, and also have access to all of the Helios HR resources should a unique situation arise.

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