By: Jennifer Chestnut on March 14th, 2024

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5 IT Recruiting Tips to Help Build Your Tech Team

The IT sector recently experienced a wave of mass lay-offs, with many big tech companies shedding large numbers of employees.

Despite this, it’s still not easy to hire IT professionals and build a tech team. Research by Gartner suggests that the IT talent shortage hasn’t been softened by these layoffs. In fact, the IT recruitment market will remain tight until at least 2026.

All of which means that you still need to fight if you want to recruit the best IT talent. Fortunately, there are some ways you can make things easier.

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5 IT recruitment tips to build your talent pipeline

1. Speak the candidate’s language

As the wife of a techy, I can vouch that there is nothing more frustrating to my husband than to get on a call with a Recruiter who doesn’t understand the job they are trying to sell. You immediately lose all credibility. 

Allow your Recruiting partner direct access to the technology team. Share with them the latest developments and the team’s vision, and be sure they understand why this technology team is the “dream team.” In other words, what is the “big sell” to candidates? 

2. Build relationships

Technical recruitment requires playing the long game. It’s about relationship-building with candidates. They get a lot of phone calls, so you must differentiate yourself. The first call should be about the candidate – ask about their experiences, their long-term ambitions, and their dream job. 

You can also connect with IT talent by: 

  • Inviting people to upcoming events
  • Creating a technology webinar series
  • Hosting an onsite Open House
  • Publicizing your use of new technology

Building a talent pipeline is helpful, even if you’re not trying to fill a specific role right now. You can tap into your pipeline for talented candidates when you do have openings. 

3. Leverage remote working and local markets

Do your market research before deciding where the talent must be located. Many tech roles can be 100% remote. This broadens the talent pool and allows you to hire from anywhere. It’s also a highly desirable benefit, which can win people over—especially when you can’t compete with big tech firms on salary. 

According to the most recent BLS figures, computer programmers in Virginia earn a median salary of $119,410, which is one of the highest rates in the country. However, programmers in Pennsylvania typically earn around $97,590. Remote working allows you to tap into this labor market and compete for talent from anywhere in the world. 

4. Look internally

What if you already have amazing tech talent, but you’re not using it? The right professional development strategy can help you identify existing talent and upskill them to the desired level. Not only does this save on recruitment, but it leads to an improved employee retention rate. 

Developing talent requires a lot of planning and good communication. You’ll need to work with your HR team to: 

    • Identify promising candidates
    • Explore each person’s ambitions and interests
    • Create ambitious career path programs
    • Deliver value-focused training and mentoring
    • Provide practical opportunities for learning
    • Develop IT leadership talent
Do you have employees who want to be developed? At Helios HR, we’ve partnered with companies to successfully create learning fellowships and training programs to address skills gaps. Internal mobility programs lead to good succession planning and professional development. Align the company’s strategic goals with professional development opportunities. 

5. Build an attractive employer brand

An employer brand is a lot like a consumer brand, except that it's aimed at jobseekers and you're trying to "sell" the idea of joining your team. Like any kind of brand management, it involves promoting yourself on social media, engaging with your audience, and celebrating what makes you special. Most importantly, you need a strong value proposition. 

We’re seeing the total rewards package as a key differentiator when it comes to making an actual hire. While these candidates want exciting jobs, they have options and when comparing 3-4 different exciting opportunities, it often comes down to the Total Rewards package being offered. This can include unlimited flexible PTO, fully remote work options, large sign-on bonuses, generous maternity/paternity leave at 100% pay, health club memberships or onsite fitness centers, childcare perks, or education incentives. 

Need help with IT recruiting? 

 Hiring top talent is always tricky, regardless of market conditions. The best IT professionals will always be snapped up quickly, often when they're not even active job-seekers. 

If you want to channel some of that talent into your organization, you need the right hiring strategy in place. The recruitment experts on your HR team can help you create an employer brand that attracts great candidates, and a candidate experience that makes people want to join your team. 

Need help with hiring and talent management? Book a free call with a Helios HR consultant and let's talk about building your winning hiring strategy. 

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