By: Ber Leary on October 27th, 2022

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How to Improve Your Glassdoor Diversity and Inclusion Company Rating

Every month, millions of job-seekers visit Glassdoor's website to learn more about potential employers. Your Glassdoor profile can seriously impact your overall employer branding, which is why it's so important to maintain a positive company rating.

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Recently, Glassdoor added a feature that allows people to search for companies that score well in certain areas, including DE&I. This feature allows candidates to seek out employers with an outstanding Glassdoor Diversity and Inclusion Company Score.

What is the Glassdoor Diversity and Inclusion Company Rating?

Glassdoor is a site where anyone can review their current or previous employers. Users give a short description of their role, list some pros and cons of working there, and can offer improvement suggestions to management.

Users are also asked to rate the company on a scale of 1 to 5 on categories including Career Opportunities, Compensation and Benefits, and Diversity and Inclusion. Your profile shows the average of all scores, and candidates use this profile to make informed decisions about accepting job offers.

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What's a good Glassdoor Diversity and Inclusion Company Rating?

Glassdoor offers the following guide to company scores

  • Under 1.5 stars: Very poor
  • 1.5 stars to 2 stars: Poor
  • 2.5 stars to 3.5 stars: Okay
  • 3.5 stars to 4 stars: Good
  • Over 4 stars: Excellent

It's worth remembering that these are averages of all employee reviews. Individual ratings are often subjective­­­­—one person might think that three stars means "pretty good", while another might think that three stars means "needs lots of improvement."

What's so important about the Glassdoor Diversity and Inclusion Company Rating?

Employees today really care about DE&I, especially Millennials and members of Gen Z. A recent survey found that 36% of people under 44 look at diversity and inclusion policies when considering an employer.

What's more, 35% of job seekers and employees say that they can't find an employer that aligns with their values. If your company can offer an inclusive work environment, you will be able to appeal to this section of the talent pool—which gives you an advantage in a competitive hiring market.  

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How to improve your Glassdoor Diversity and Inclusion Company Rating

There is only one way to improve your diversity and inclusion company rating on Glassdoor is to implement a meaningful DE&I strategy. If you can create a genuinely inclusive environment, your Glassdoor rating will reflect this. 

But it's not easy. Most companies have a long way to go in their DE&I strategy. If your organization is struggling, here are some things you can do right now: 

Perform a diversity and inclusion audit

The first step is assessing and identifying any organizational culture issues. A DE&I audit involves multiple reviews, such as:

  • Compliance: Examine how you record and resolve internal complaints
  • Policies: Ensure that you have clear and comprehensive employee policies in relation to DE&I
  • Remuneration: Pay equity is an essential pillar of DE&I, so you'll need to compare your salary structure against demographic data

You can also look at factors like engagement and retention to see if there are any recurring issues. For example, if staff turnover is higher for women than men, there might be gender-related issues in your culture.

Review your hiring process

It can be hard to detect bias in your recruitment process—after all, how can someone complain to HR if they didn't get the job? That's why it's important to examine your hiring process from a DE&I perspective. Consider factors such as:

  • Recruitment team: Is there diversity among your recruiters, interviewers, and other people involved in the hiring process?
  • Diverse workforce: Does your hiring process create diversity, or do you routinely hire from the same demographic group?
  • Candidate feedback: Get the perspective from unsuccessful candidates and find out if they felt welcomed and included during the application process.

Remember, onboarding is also part of the recruitment process. Pay close attention to attrition rates in the first 12 months—this is the moment when people are getting their first taste of your organizational culture, and it's where DE&I issues often emerge.

Get leaders to engage with DE&I

DE&I is a leadership issue requiring support from all levels of management. To get this support, you may need to offer support and education to leaders, such as:

  • Information on the importance of DE&I: Leaders might require more information about how DE&I impacts operations. You can show them how your diversity strategy impacts recruitment, engagement, and retention—and how it's reflected in your Glassdoor company rating.
  • DE&I policy training: Local leaders should thoroughly understand policies regarding discrimination, harassment, and bias. They should know how to identify issues, manage complaints, and support employees.
  • DE&I metrics: Ensure leaders have access to DE&I metrics, such as policy breaches and hiring process outcomes. Flag up issues when they start to emerge.

Leaders can help deliver DE&I if they understand the strategy and know what they need to do. When your leadership is committed to DE&I, your team will understand that you genuine care about equity and inclusion, and this will be reflected in your Glassdoor company rating.

How to get help with your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiative

There are lots of other ways to improve DE&I within your organization such as offering respectful workplace training, or setting up employee resource groups.

The most important step is to ensure that you have the HR expertise to deliver your DE&I strategy. HR experts can help you build an environment where your team feels supported and valued. And that's the secret to a positive Glassdoor Diversity and Inclusion Company Rating.

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