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Loosing Talent to the Competition 

“I keep losing my talented staff to the competition and I don’t know why. How do we stay competitive in the market?”

How to Enhance Employee Engagement and Gain a Competitive Advantage

As human capital consultants, it’s quite common to have CEOs ask us if we can help with their employee engagement. And we, of course, love working with our clients to identify ways to get their employees wanting to come to work every day and thinking of retention strategies for the long term. It’s important to note though that employee engagement can have several different interpretations depending on who you are talking to...

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Compensation vs. Total Rewards

I’ll never forget the first time I got a Total Rewards statement. I remember looking at it thinking, “The benefits I get from these people is worth HOW MUCH?!” At the time, I was young in my HR career, still working to understand the difference between an FSA and an HSA, so seeing this blew […]

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3 Easy Steps to Fix Common Performance Review Problems

Performance reviews often get such a bad rap – and yet, we HR Professionals know how critical they are in terms of managing organizational effectiveness.  At Helios, we work with many of our clients to revise their performance review process and we’ve learned many lessons along the way. With these 3 easy adjustments, you can […]

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Are you currently tracking and analyzing the reasons for your employee departures?

If not, consider using an Employee Exit Interview. Employee exit interviews are an important tool for evaluating employee engagement and turnover. Regardless of why an employee leaves, employee exit interviews provide a plethora of useful information to employers. Organizations can use the results they receive from employee exit interviews to improve employee retention and track trends in turnover and employee satisfaction.

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The Cost of Punishing Overachievers

We all accept that good leadership requires a balanced, equilateral approach to our team members. Of course, we should never have a favorite employee; HOWEVER as human leaders, every one of us has had that one superstar team member that we rely on greatly and yes, even like a whole lot. It is not hard […]

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Is Your Business Facing Serious People Problems?

Human Resources experts see obvious value in creating organizational cultures that attract and retain exceptional people, yet we find it’s not always easy to convince other business leaders to focus on culture. In fact, lots of times, when we talk about spending time or resources on improving culture, leaders instantly think “culture” equals “fluff”: activities […]

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A Review of the Top Incentive Plan Design Trends for Small Business in 2016 – 2017

One of the main factors that contributes to the United States being a world super power is in large part due to its economy. While in recent years the US economy has suffered major setbacks and the deterioration of many industries due to offshoring and certain product lines becoming obsolete, the broader economic landscape has […]

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