By: Helios on July 7th, 2010

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Strategy Sourcing for Intel Professionals

Talent Acquisition

Not many companies have an unlimited recruiting budget. Therefore, it is important to utilize recruiting resources that are cost effective and produce timely results. Helios HR provides qualified recruiting services for TS Full Scope cleared candidates. Our dedicated recruitment team utilizes and has expertise with various social media methods, job boards, job fairs, networking and holds strong connections within the Intelligence Community.

When recruiting talent, you need to reach out and touch, brand, push, promote, provide value, and basically get involved with Intel professionals. People prefer to work with experts in their field as long as they are genuine. Therefore attracting top talent in the Management and Lead positions is imperative to greater and future success. Treat each individual with respect and provide a strong referral program.

Invaluable resources in the Intelligence Community are military transition points. They can connect you with retiring military men and women that are looking to join a professional organization. Retired military are not only well trained and qualified but they bring a work ethic to the team that is admirable.

Utilization of social networking is an absolute must moving forward. Initially, it may be daunting and certainly time consuming, but it is a necessary investment and time well spent. You might as well get on the band wagon because it is here and continues to evolve. It is one of the most cost effective ways to get your message out to the general public as well as the members of the Intelligence Community. The more people that know about your organization and your expertise the better!

A subject matter expert (SME) is often characterized as someone who writes or talks about a subject. However, most people never observe an SME performing the tasks they write or talk about. It is important to use various strategies to establish yourself as an SME in the Intel market.

Here are some basic examples of establishing your corporate expertise in the Intel market.

1. Develop a blog with daily contributions of value-added articles for Intel seeking professionals. This may include job sourcing tips, resume preparation, Q&A forum, user groups, other sub-set skill forums for your growing readership, and RSS feeds from other Intel related blog, etc.

2. Conduct career invitationals of pre-screened candidates at either your facility (preferred) or some nearby establishment. Make sure that all your technical managers are present and that you are prepared to give contingent offers, both verbal and formal at this event.

3. Create your own opt-in list of prospective Intel job seekers for both advertising your jobs and soliciting referrals. Continually promote your brand, focus, and draw them to your blog, and user groups that you frequent and contribute. An opt-in list is considered permission-based marketing where the intended receiver of your message has granted you permission to send them information.

4. Get involved in Intel-related association meetings/conferences. This doesn’t mean simply becoming a member, but volunteering to chair a sub-committee or serving as a guest speaker.