By: Helios on August 23rd, 2013

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What Men Should Wear During a Job Interview: A Gentleman’s Guide

Talent Acquisition

A recruiter or hiring manager calls you and you and lets you know you got the in-person interview! Along with researching the company, learning about their total rewards and culture,  reviewing the scope of work and your preparation, there is one additional decision that must be made prior to the interview that is extremely important: what to wear. It’s imperative that you look sharp and dress for success!

What you wear to an interview will make a huge first impression on the potential employer and it is one of the first things they will notice. It’s imperative that you wear the proper attire and look neat, tidy, and put together no matter what job you are interviewing for and who you are meeting with.

Below are the basics for dressing for success:

Your suit

Go with a dark-colored suit; preferably black, navy, or gray. Make sure it fits well. If need be, visit a tailor just to make sure and have them make any necessary adjustments. Whether it is too big or too small, a suit that isn’t the right size can look sloppy.

Your shirt

Go with a classic white shirt and make sure it is ironed or dry cleaned. Wrinkled shirts tend to look messy and can give off the impression that you were too lazy to make an effort to look your best.

Your tie

Plain ties work, but don’t be afraid to wear something other than a basic red or blue tie. Brighter colors such as orange, pink or purple (striped or polka-dotted) can also work well, but avoid wearing ties that are too busy, as they may be distracting.

Your shoes

For black or gray suits, wear black shoes. For navy suits, black or brown shoes will work. Make sure your shoes are shined. Much like a wrinkled shirt, shoes that are not shined may give off the “I don’t care” feeling to the potential employer. Of course, your socks must match too.

Your pocket square

An optional, but nice accessory to throw into the mix. Make sure it goes with your suit, shirt, and tie.

Your watch

An important accessory. A gold or silver watch will compliment your suit and complete the outfit.

The first impression is often key to a successful interview. By following these basic guidelines, you will not only look sharp and professional, but you will also be more confident walking in the door to your next interview. Good luck!