By: Krystal Freeman on July 17th, 2015

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The 5 Best Ways to Create a Positive HR Presence

Best Practices | Employee Relations

“Uh oh Human Resources is in the building!”  “Shhh…don’t say anything Human Resources is here!”  “I better not say that because there is our HR person!”  As a professional providing HR outsourcing, I believe we have all heard these statements or something similar. Now at first glance, this could provide a bit of a chuckle, but let’s take a deeper dive into the real background noise of it all.

So, are you “ruling” the organization with an iron fist?  Do you take the time to get to know the employees of your organization? What type of presence do you have with Senior Management as well as the employees of your organization?  Unfortunately, sometimes these statements are not a chuckle, but could really be an underlying feeling for employees in your company. Let’s take a look at the five best ways to create a positive Human Resources presence in your organization.

Five Ways to Best Create a Positive HR Presence

  1. Be Dependable, Reliable, and Responsive: I have heard my family members say, “my Human Resources person never responds when I have a question”. HR professionals can have a bad reputation for not responding as quickly as needed. There are times when we become “swamped” with demands, however, you still have to be responsive. Provide the employee and/or management with a timeline as to when you can provide them an answer or response. If you need to do a little research be honest with the employee/management and let them know. Continue to check in and provide updates. This will assure the employee/management that you are working on their request.
  2. Don’t Hide be Seen: There are times when the work load can get quite heavy or a situation that can prove to be a bit of a challenge presents itself. Unfortunately, hiding is not quite an option for a Human Resources professional. You must still come out of the office and let employees know you are available and that you have an open door for them to come by. Time management should be the friend of all HR people. Do what you need to in order to remain organized (i.e. make lists, use your Outlook calendar, place sticky notes everywhere).  It’s important that you have the ability to transition and move on to different tasks.  In regards to challenging situations, address them head on!  Don’t wait because a situation may continue to grow. Also, when in doubt if you have mentor consult him or her for guidance. Additionally, be open to other HR resources (i.e. books, webinars, reputable websites, or articles).
  3. Remain Neutral: As the HR person for your organization or company you represent not only management, but the employees as well. It’s important that when the tough situations arise to listen to both the employee and management to offer solid advice. Management and the employees alike will appreciate your objectivity in the end.
  4. Think Strategically: Be a part of the decision making process. Human Resources has come a long way since being considered the “personnel department” that pushed paper. Now, in order for an organization to move forward, they should consult their HR professional. We have a lot of insight to offer! Guidance on employment laws, hiring the most qualified candidates, selecting the appropriate benefits for an organization, and performance management systems for employees are just a few of the strategic items created and managed by Human Resources.  These items help an organization move forward in a positive manner.
  5. Shape the Culture: Remind your organization of the mission, vision, and values as these are foundations for any company. Also, be a positive “trend setter” and lead by example. Let employees see you as the HR professional represent the company’s foundational aspects. This will, in turn, make employees a believer in them as well. Furthermore, be a positive influence on senior management regarding the mission, vision, and values.   Remind them of how to implement them and follow up with employees about the importance.

Being dependable, reliable and responsive, not hiding but being seen, remaining neutral, thinking strategically, and shaping the culture are only a few ways to increase a positive HR presence. However, take the time observe the needs of your organization as this will further allow you to create a positive Human Resources presence.