By: Kathy Albarado on January 11th, 2016

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Thriving vs. Surviving: What Choice Do You Make?

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What's Preventing You From Thriving?

Last week I published a post entitled "What’s getting in our way?" and encouraged readers to give thought to one word that depicted something they needed in order to thrive.  For me that answer came rather readily.  I need a connection. I need to ‘feel connected’ in order to thrive.  The exercise is more than just identifying what we need, it's being willing to be honest with ourselves about recognizing what is also getting in our way.  What is preventing us from thriving?  Imagine how powerful it is to realize that we control our ability to thrive… and it is a choice we make every day.

It has become clear to me that not only do I think boldly when I allow myself the quiet space for reflection. For me, it is really only in the stillness that I can hear or sense what I need in order to thrive.

In the ‘busy-ness’ of what may have become typical in metropolitan areas, it is easy to focus on activity versus results. Easy to check things off the list and really wonder the value in what we’ve accomplished. Easy to comment on the speed at which our weeks fly by—yet, perhaps question whether we spent our time in a way that best served us.

Connection is so apparent for me to thrive that I feel it impacting my energy level and interest. When I am full on engaged and connected, I give 100 percent. When I am not, I find my mind wandering as anxiety begins to take over as I imagine what I could be/or should be doing instead.

What-do-you-needI encourage you to find that one word that depicts what you need to thrive, then share it.  By stating it out loud, we encourage others to support us and also recognize when we are at our best.  As we launch a new year, ask yourself, “what do I need?” And follow up with, "what do I need to do, to ensure I thrive?"

I have learned it is the white space that I set aside, best done at the beginning and end of my day. I journal and find the quiet time a great way to be intentional about organizing my thoughts, which then encourage my actions.  I also find that in order to develop and maintain connections, I need to be my best self. Being intentional about my health and breaking it down into specific activity and listening to the feedback my body gives me is critical. I know many of us have experienced the time when we walk into a room and forget why we are there. However when that becomes more the norm, than an exception, I know I have too much on my mind and need to walk away from something.  What do you need, and what should you be walking away from?