By: Kayla Bell on May 2nd, 2017

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FAQ's We Get Asked at Helios about HR Consulting Services

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Why Helios?

As new consultants join the growing Helios HR team, they often ask me what I like most about working at Helios.  I always take a moment to reflect on that question and to date, my response has always been, “our team”.  When I say our team, I mean just that. It's the people we are surrounded by who at the drop of a dime are willing to help out, people I can count on, their expertise, the fun we have together, and our collaboration that inspires us to be innovative and continuously improve.

Truth be told, as an employer, we are a little picky. And, I think that's what makes our team so great. We hire not just for expertise or experience, we hire for the values, beliefs and personality traits that will align with our culture. That's critical to us because our team approach gives us the ability to provide the best solutions to our clients. In fact, if you have ever had the opportunity to connect with one of our consultants, team leads, or executives, I can almost guarantee you have heard about the Helios team.

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Who Makes up the Helios Team?

Each employee (aka team member) comes to Helios with a unique background in the field; coming from government contractors, retailers, not-for-profits, trade associations, IT, healthcare, educational institutions, property management companies, and other industries which are prevalent in the DC metropolitan area. Collectively, Helios team members have over 200 years of experience in the HR and recruiting fields, supporting organizations that vary from small business to Fortune 500.

Many of our team members are HR generalists, allowing them to support the full spectrum of our clients’ human resources function for HR management outsourcing and interim HR consulting. For these engagements, Helios HR team members step in to serve as our client's HR leader to manage the function as a consultant, whether it's on a strategic, operational or foundational level for a short or long-term basis. Additionally, we have subject matter experts in niche areas of HR including compensation, organizational development, government contracting compliance, and talent acquisition who deliver project consulting and recruiting engagements.

How Does the Team Approach Work?

When Helios engages with a client, a dedicated consultant or team of dedicated consultants are assigned to support the engagement. One important note is unlike a temp-to-perm, 1099 contractor, or PEO, Helios HR is a true consultancy and all consultants remain on our payroll.  Additionally, a Team Leader oversees the engagement to ensure client satisfaction and high-quality output.  The beauty of our team approach is although you have your dedicated consultant(s) assigned to your engagement, those team members have the reach back of the entire Helios team.  It is not uncommon for our clients to hear, “we have a team member who has significant experience in that area, I’d like to bounce this idea off of them and get back to you with a recommendation."

In fact, other Helios team members often step into engagements as needed to provide content expertise to the client although they may not be their day-to-day consultant.  At Helios, we recognize one person cannot know everything when it comes to HR, and with the team approach, the cumulative and extensive experience of the team directly benefits our clients.  This team approach helps us develop unique solutions based on a collaborative internal discussion.  In addition, having a team also allows for built-in backup for our clients if the dedicated consultant is not available for any reason.  At Helios, our team is truly what makes us successful. Plus, with our team approach, our clients are getting an incredibly robust HR department, without the hefty cost of hiring.

NMR Consulting has been a partner of Helios HR for three years and shares how the Company has benefited from the Helios team approach:

“NMR Consulting does IT well. We pride ourselves on developing right-sized solutions for our customers, that supplement their existing systems and make the most of their assets. Helios HR provides a similar solution to their customers: they do HR well. For the past three years, Helios has supported NMR’s HR function by providing dedicated resources, consultants, and subject matter experts on a variety of projects. In the process, Helios has become a trusted partner.  We have benefited from their advice and counsel, and take comfort in knowing the Helios team will consistently provide their expansive knowledge in HR and recruiting to our specific HR requirements.” - Dave Jones, President of NMR Consulting

How Does Helios Determine Who Supports a Client?

Although we have a team approach to managing our engagements, Helios is intentional in assigning the right resource(s) to our clients.  The leadership team takes several aspects of an engagement into consideration when choosing consultants, to include: the corporate culture, the style of the client’s team and which consultant(s) may work best with that style, and the experience and knowledge expertise of the consultant related to the engagement.  Our Team Leaders are determined based on the same components listed above.

Our clients feel the direct impact of the Helios team approach and often share with us they are comforted in knowing they have more than one HR resource leading their best practice and compliance initiatives.  In our partnership, everyone benefits from the reach back to the Helios team in an effort to best support whatever business challenge may arise.

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