By: Kim Moshlak on June 8th, 2017

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Need HR? Review Your Options for HR Support Services

Talent Acquisition

I am often asked about my thoughts on what kind of HR support a client needs, and what is best for a business “of my size”?  And my answer is almost always the same…it depends.

A lot must be considered when determining the best HR solution for your company. Making the decision between temporary, a regular hire, and outsourced HR depends a great deal on the culture of your organization and what your current business strategy is. (See another blog I wrote on “How to Know When to Hire Your First HR Manager” for more insight.)

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The Difference in HR Support Services:

HR Manager Vs. Temp to Perm Vs. HR Outsourcing

Having onsite HR is very important to almost every company. Employees have a certain comfort level when having a person to speak with in-person in the event an issue arises for them. Today’s workforce is also growing accustomed to remote support. So let’s review a few of the advantages of each option. Some of the differences between the types of HR support services include:

Sometimes the right solution is a combination of different types. Sometimes we are brought into either augment an HR team to provide additional support or to perform a project or task that requires specialization that the current HR staff may not have. 

On occasion, we have come in to be an unbiased third-party during a difficult issue at an organization, whether it’s a different (sometimes called “difficult”) leadership style or a sensitive investigation. And finally, sometimes we are simply brought in to add another set of eyes to a sound project.

Essentially, the decision as to the HR Outsourcing support needed has a great deal to do with your business’ needs and flexibility. In general, the more flexible and established the organization, the more options exist.

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