By: Lauren Shreve on January 31st, 2018

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Best Practices for HR Goal Setting

Best Practices

As you guide your leaders and employees through the process of setting their goals for the coming year, it’s important to set a great example. Demonstrate a strong performance mindset by leading with your own plans for the coming year. Ensure all are bound in your company’s overall goals and target the HR pain points that you’ve identified throughout the prior year.

The Sincerest Flattery

The best practice of all is not to make goal-setting harder than it needs to be. Borrow great ideas from others whenever possible. When we were in grammar school, we were taught to stay on our own page – be original – be unique. And being innovative can lead to incredible break-through.

But for right now, as we get started, we want to help you build a foundation of ideas – a brain-storm of objectives designed to spark creativity and to ensure you don’t leave great ideas on the table. Opportunities which could help you realize the dream. One where you create a next-level organization that attracts and retains the best.

Download the guide: 20 Question to Ask Your HR Leader

The Idea Repository

To create the checklist, we’ve combed through our experiences from the past year and now we’re inviting you to benefit from them. We’ve prepared a comprehensive HR Best Practice Checklist that you can download and use.

Some HR professionals have a folder (electronic or paper) in which they add notes to when they come across a great idea that they want to do, but can’t act on now due to other priorities. If you have one, go to that file to see if there’s an idea that can be acted on in the coming year.

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New Year, New You!

When does stagnation occur? Some say in the second or third year of employment – but we know it doesn’t have to be that way! There may be great ideas that felt so important – but for which the timing wasn’t right – this may be the year to bring them back out and put them into action.

You may not get to ‘yes’, but if all you can do is get your leadership team to attend a presentation on a new HRIS system or procedure, that’s progress. If you believe in something and you think it’s what the company needs. Don’t give up. And don’t assume a new leader won’t champion your initiative and help you take it across the finish line. Often getting one influential ‘yes’ vote can make the difference.

Call a Friend

Do you have colleagues inside and outside the company who are bold, qualified and unafraid to give you feedback? As you go through your ideas and ours, to build a solid list of goals be sure to get some coaching from someone you admire.

If you do not have a mentor in HR that you can turn to, add this to your objectives for the next year. Attend interesting SHRM chapter meetings. Many speakers and colleagues in attendance make excellent sounding boards.

Reach for the Stars

Many HR professionals are mired in the day-to-day and could use project management support. Helios HR helps make the difference for our clients in keeping the team on track and engaged.

Whether it’s delivering training, employee engagement surveys and subsequent action plan development, interim and permanent placement services, our HR stars can be put to work for you. We’ve partnered with top firms and have hundreds of years of combined HR experience that can be put to work for you and your team.

Download the guide: 20 Question to Ask Your HR Leader