By: Amber Pereira on April 18th, 2018

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There’s an App for That! The Best On-the-Go Apps for HR

HR Tech

It seems like in today’s technology-centered world, there is an application (app) for everything! You could run your whole life on your smartphone if you had the right tools at your fingertips. A lot of companies are cashing in on this trend and creating apps that are convenient to its desktop users. Why not take advantage of these apps if they can benefit you and your employees?

The Best On-the-Go App Resources for HR Professionals to Know

Below are some of my favorite, most convenient apps:

1- Timekeeping & Payroll Apps.  Many companies have developed apps that are convenient and easy for its users to access their timesheets on the go.  While not every timekeeping & payroll app has the same capabilities; some will allow you to enter your hours worked, request time off, and submit expenses.  For managers some allow users to approve employee’s time as well as any other pending request.  A few of the apps even allow payroll to log in and complete some tasks via the app! Some of the companies utilizing these apps include: ADP, Ceridian, HRsuite, Paychex, and UltiPro.

2- iCloud & Soft Storage Apps.    Ever get an email while you are on your way out of the office asking you to send that document or spreadsheet you had a meeting about earlier in the day? Fortunately for you, depending on which storage platform your company uses, you may be able to send that document from your phone! Some storage apps like Huddle, SharePoint, and Google Cloud allow users to log in and send documents directly from their phones. Other capabilities may include, uploading documents, making comments on documents and sharing items that are uploaded.

3- Health & Wellness Apps.  Companies like Cigna, Carefirst and Kaiser Permanente have jumped on the mobile app bandwagon.  Their apps conveniently allow users to find a network provider near them, browse wellness tips and blogs, and even review or submit claims to the company.  A new trend we are seeing is virtual doctor consultations.  Users can meet with a doctor via facetime or skype and receive a prognosis.  This convenient feature meets employees’ desires to simplify daily life and juggle busy schedules.

4 - Micro-learning Apps. Nowadays a lot of Learning Management Systems are offering apps for your employees to take their professional development on-the-go with shorter training courses that are easier to digest and absorb. For instance, all content offered through the Helios LMS is mobile compatible, allowing them to access their training at their convenience.

One of my colleagues told me a story recently that we can all relate to.  The client’s payroll manager was out of the office for a small emergency the day payroll was due. With the deadline looming, my colleague contacted the manager unsure of how to proceed with the approval process.  The payroll person simply said “no big deal” then logged into the payroll system from her mobile app and was able to approve then submit the payroll before the deadline! This would have ended a lot differently a few years ago.  Payroll would have probably been delayed and you would have some angry employees on your hands. Here's to making your work-life a lot easier with these new apps!