By: Ber Leary on March 8th, 2024

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How Tech Companies Can Level Up With a Strategic HR Partnership

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Tech companies are driven by innovation, and that spirit of innovation can influence every aspect of your organization—including the HR department.Some of the IT giants have famously taken big swings at reinventing HR strategy: Netflix led the way in unlimited PTO and 360 feedback reviews; Amazon ran a “Pay-To-Quit” scheme that tested employee loyalty with a $5,000 quitting bonus; Valve Software abolished internal management and made all employees equal. While some of these experiments worked better than others, it's always intriguing to explore new ways of organizing your team. 

Even when companies run a more traditional HR playbook, there’s still plenty of room for innovation. With the right HR strategy, you can hire faster, grow productivity, and retain your best people. But how do you find a strategy that’s right for your company?

The role of Strategic HR in IT

Strategic Human Resources is a form of high-level business planning that focuses on human capital management. Normally, Strategic HR is managed by an HR director or Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO). Their remit includes things like:

  • Resource planning: The CHRO will help to deliver the teams required for your long-term strategic goals. This may involve building a talent pipeline for expansion, overseeing reductions in force, or balancing a labor mix of full-time employees and contractors.
  • Labor cost management: Most tech companies have struggled with soaring wage demands in recent years. A good HR leader will develop a realistic salary structure that still attracts top-tier candidates.
  • Mission alignment: Can your team deliver your long-term business goals? Your Strategic HR leader will work to ensure you have the right people with the right mix of skills. They will also oversee professional development and upskilling to help your team stay current.

Success is often a matter of having the right team. Strategic HR is about ensuring that you always have the right team, regardless of how circumstances might change.

But what if your organization doesn’t have a Strategic HR leader? In that case, you might consider partnering with an HR firm to hire an interim CHRO.

Download the guide: 20 Question to Ask Your HR Leader

How can HR partnerships help IT companies?

Strategic HR outsourcing gives you immediate access to someone with extensive industry experience. Best of all, they can work on a flexible arrangement that suits your needs.

So, what can a strategic HR consultant deliver for your business? Here are ten ways in which our consultants help our clients.

1. Advise the C-Suite on HR matters

An experienced HR voice can help tech company leaders make informed decisions. An interim CHRO can advise on recruitment or compliance issues that might undermine future plans. They can also highlight opportunities, such as underutilized skills within the current team.

2. Build a winning tech talent pipeline

Strategic HR consultants can help you develop a comprehensive talent strategy that anticipates future tech trends. They will passively recruit top talent and ensure there’s a candidate pool for any new openings.

3. Optimize employer branding for the tech sector

Filling tech positions requires a targeted approach. A Strategic HR partner can help you craft compelling employer branding, develop effective recruitment strategies, and streamline your hiring process to attract the best tech professionals.

4. Align with business goals

Strategic HR consultants partner with your leadership to understand your specific tech goals and ensure your team has the right skillsets and resources needed to achieve them. Your HR leader can also identify issues, such as problems with organizational culture, that might impact your long-term goals.

5. Navigate compensation trends

Tech salaries change quickly, especially when there’s a demand for certain skills. HR strategists can monitor these trends and help you stay competitive in the hiring market while also maintaining your internal salary structure.

6. Oversee training strategies

Professional development is a critical issue for tech companies. Your team needs to keep their skills up-to-date, but the organization needs to focus on skills aligned with long-term business goals. HR leaders can develop targeted, cost-effective strategies that will help your team stay sharp.

7. Executive Recruitment

A Strategic HR consultant can help guide you through the challenges of hiring a new executive or even a new CEO. They’ll help you find talent, put together an appropriate screening process, and ensure all stakeholders are heard. Your consultant will also help put together an enticing offer to your chosen candidate and guide them through the onboarding process.

8. Leadership Development and Coaching

Strategic HR consultants can help build a training initiative program that meets the needs of individual leaders. Your executives will get the coaching they need to support their department’s culture and help their team deliver its goals.

9. Make decisions on HR technology

HR is dealing with its own tech challenges, including the rise of Artificial Intelligence. HR strategists can help guide decisions on IT investment, while overseeing implementation of any new systems.

10. Manage compliance risks

Compliance is the number one priority for any HR leader. Tech companies face a number of compliance challenges, especially if your company uses contractors, remote workers, or people on H1 visas. HR strategists can manage these risks, create stable processes, and oversee regular audits.

Let’s start our HR partnership!

Helios HR has supported businesses in the greater D.C. area for over 20 years. Our strategic HR consultants have worked in every environment, and they know how to deliver long-term success.

Want some help executing your HR strategy? Book a consultation call with Helios HR today, and let’s talk about our HR partnership.

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