By: Jenna Louis on August 25th, 2021

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How Does HR Outsourcing Work?

Best Practices

Behind every great business, there's a great human resources team. HR plays a vital role in building and developing great teams, but the most important role of HR is to support the rest of the company as they go about delivering strategic goals. Sometimes, the existing human resources team needs a helping hand. That's where HR outsourcing comes in. 

Why do organizations use HR outsourcing? 

There are many reasons business owners might be interested in an HR Consulting solution. Some of the common examples we see here at Helios HR include: 

  • Small businesses that need help with HR basics, such as payroll processing, benefits administration, and payroll taxes 
  • Companies experiencing rapid growth that need surge support for their existing HR department
  • Organizations that are experiencing high levels of staff turnover and need experts to help develop employee engagement
  • Businesses that unexpectedly lose their senior HR leader and someone they trust to step while in they find a permanent replacement
  • Teams tackling specific projects, like culture consulting or designing a Compensation Plan & Philosophy

If an organization lacks HR expertise for any reason, HR outsourcing can help.

What are the advantages of HR outsourcing? 

Working with an HR outsourcing company isn't purely about crisis support. A trusted HR partner can offer real advantages, such as: 

  • Free up resources: With a consultant handling time-consuming HR functions, your team has more time to focus on long-term strategic goals. 
  • Compliance: Time to update your employee handbook? HR outsourcers have a deep knowledge of the latest local, state, and federal regulations. They can help your keep your policies and documents up-to-date. That includes the employee handbook, one of the most essential documents in human capital management.  
  • Process reviews: Outsourcing puts a skilled set of eyes on your existing policies, procedures, and practices. A fresh set of eyes can help identify areas that can be streamlined or improved to promote efficiencies. 
  • Recruiting for hard-to-fill positions: HR outsourcers can tackle recruitment issues using techniques like recruitment process outsourcing and retained search. This approach  helps 
  • Coaching and guidance: Outsourcing can help junior staff members grow in their careers by having a seasoned professional available to answer questions and provide guidance.  

Working with an HR outsourcing partner allows your team to move to the next level, which is a perfect foundation for future success.

What happens when you work with an HR outsourcer?

Once your contract has been signed and a dedicated HR partner has been identified, you and other stakeholders from your organization will participate in a launch call with your practice leader and dedicated Helios resource. 

In the launch meeting, you’ll receive an overview of the project, work together to identify your communication preferences, and discuss top priorities, among other things. This is a great time to get to know your dedicated HR partner and talk through what your goals are and specifically what you’d like to get out of the project.  

Before you begin: Some preparation tips

When you work with an HR outsourcer, you're entering a partnership. You'll get the most out of this relationship if you're prepared on your end. Here are a few things to consider before working with your new HR partner.

  1. Identify Priorities – Prioritize a list of items on which you would like your consultant to focus. We like to understand what keeps you up at night so we can ensure we’re providing immediate value.    
  2. Compile Questions – Put together a list of questions to talk through at the launch meeting. You can ask about the consultant’s background or areas of specialization or maybe you’d like to know more about communication plans.  
  3. Grant Access – One of the biggest hang-ups when starting on a new project is issues with access. Identify any resources your new consultant will need and ensure they have immediate access so they can hit the ground running.  
  4. Work Together – Your consultant strives to be your trusted advisor. We will provide recommendations in different areas and will work closely with you. Your consultant will help you identify HR-related business needs, provide recommendations, and weigh the pros and cons of different decisions, among other things.

What to Expect with HR consulting firms

When you work with an outsourced HR consulting firm, you can expect a specialized, knowledgeable resource. They will get to know you and your business, and they'll provide a personalized HR experience that fits with your culture and values. You can also expect frequent communications, including regular meetings and update emails. These communications will highlight your wins and talk about focus areas for the following week. 

As part of this strategic partnership, you'll also get insight into the compliance issues that impact your business. Your HR partner will review your policies and procedures, to help you stay compliant.  

Outsourcing with Helios HR

Helios HR is a rapidly growing team of highly skilled and experienced HR and Recruiting Professionals. We have a deep bench of specialist talent, and we work collaboratively to ensure we’re providing all of our clients get the best possible service. 

Working with Helios HR have access through that dedicated contact to the entire Helios team. When a tough or unique situation arises, odds are someone on the Helios team has encountered a similar situation.  This pool of wisdom and experience means that we can always provide solutions and offer creative ideas. 

Ready to take your human resources team to the next level? Get in touch and let's have a conversation.