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10 Ways to Develop and Retain Millennials

Posted on March 26, 2015
Debbie SuttonWritten by Debbie Sutton | Email author

Ideas for Developing and Retaining MillennialsWe keep hearing that Millennials seem to be more liberal with time in that they come in and leave the office on their own schedule. They are often referred to as Generation We, the Boomerang Generation, and the Peter Pan Generation. However, every new generation entering the workforce is typically seen by the older generations as not being as dedicated to their careers. However, we forget Millennials grew up with technology that has evolved over time and as a result are extremely savvy when it comes to this new technology.

Millennials are defined as team oriented, tend to prefer to work on shorter/smaller projects rather than longer/larger projects, transparency is extremely important since they prefer to understand the big picture, and they prefer more flexibility.

So we now need to ask ourselves, “What drives them?” “How can I attract them to my organization and grow both their careers and the company?”

  Top 10 Ideas to Best Retain and Develop Millennials

  1. Provide structure. This plays into the transparency that Millennials prefer. Having activities scheduled every day, goals clearly stated and progress assessed, as well as clearly defined assignments is an important aspect to their job.
  2. Provide leadership and guidance. Millennials want someone to look up to, learn from, and receive regular, consistent feedback. They want to know the whole picture and how their part fits into that picture. They want quality time spent on them by their manager teaching and coaching.
  3. Encourage the millennial’s self-assuredness, “can-do” attitude, Millennials are ready to dive in to a project. They should be encouraged and not discouraged to show and act upon their to manage millennials
  4. Take advantage of the millennial’s comfort level with teams. Millennials are used to working in groups and teams. They believe a team can accomplish more and better in this team environment. They should be encouraged to join them.
  5. Listen to the millennial employee. Millennial employees have ideas and opinions, and don’t like when their thoughts are ignored. They grew up with parents who scheduled every waking moment with activities and all attention was focused on them.
  6. Millennial employees are up for a challenge and change. The same routine day in and day out is boring. Millenniums seek out different tasks. Their contributions should be celebrated and not trivialized.
  7. Millennial employees are multi-taskers. They are extremely adept at reading emails while talking on the phone. Therefore, without different tasks to tackle and goals to pursue, the millennials will more than likely become bored with their job.
  8. Capitalize on the millennial’s agility with networking and technology-centered knowledge. Millennials are constantly connected to some form of technology, making communication easy whether or not they are physically in the office. They are not only comfortable with team activities, but they enjoy networking all over the world.
  9. Provide a work-life balance. Millennials are used to having multiple activities on their calendar. They work hard, but home and family is a critical aspect to their lives as well.
  10. Provide a fun, employee-centered workplace. Millennials want to enjoy their job responsibilities and their workplace. Also of high value is establishing friendships within the workplace.

Millennials add great value to any company.   Managers need to help the long-term employees embrace what Millennials can “bring to the table.” Their enthusiasm, technological understanding and communication can not only help the company move forward, but other generations.

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