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Total Rewards | Benefits | Employee Relations

By: Kayla Bell
June 23rd, 2021

It seems like everyone I speak to these days is seeing a spike in requests for PTO leave, parental leave, FMLA, and the like. After a year of lockdown, it makes sense that people are now jumping at the urge to take some time off. And, if the requests haven’t started coming in yet, everyone on your team will need time off in the future, whether it’s planned vacation time or an unplanned absence due to personal circumstances. Yet, despite the ubiquity of this task, leave administration can be one of the most complex processes to manage in HR when you have a large employee population.

Blog Feature

Total Rewards | Talent Acquisition

By: Samantha Allison
May 27th, 2021

In today’s candidate-driven market, there is a stigma around securing elite candidates, and that it takes paying them top dollar to come to work for your company. And if you cannot, then your pool of prospective employees starts to dwindle.

Blog Feature

Total Rewards

By: Kayla Bell
May 26th, 2021

I was recently reminded of a time when I was serving as the HR leader in an HR outsourcing engagement and one of my client's employees came to me with a query about family leave options available. This employee was about to become a mom through surrogacy, and she was unsure about what kind of benefits she could claim. Questions like, can adoptive parents claim short-term disability leave, like other employees do after childbirth?

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Total Rewards | Employee Relations

By: Amy Dozier
May 4th, 2021

Stress has long been a part of working life. In previous years, one in three workers said that they typically feel stressed at work. Since the pandemic, however, stress levels have skyrocketed, as employees have scrambled to adapt to a world of remote work while also worrying about their family’s health.  

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Total Rewards | Business Management & Strategy

By: Connie Maniscalco
April 30th, 2021

The past year has been what many, including myself, are describing as a relentless crisis. Some businesses have passed this test, thanks to the hard work and dedication of their employees. But a year of sustained stress could be the catalyst for another crisis: a tidal wave of employee burnout.

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Total Rewards

By: Kathryn Gombos
April 7th, 2021

It’s becoming more common for employee resource groups to voice their concerns about internal pay equity. Over the last year, we have been getting more calls from leaders either responding to requests or proactively doing their due diligence to ensure they are rewarding their people equitably. As trends in pay transparency increase, it is also important to consider the position your managers are often in. Another frequent situation we hear about is employees approaching managers with data from online sources about what their job is worth in the market and/or with questions about why their peer in the organization is being paid more than they are.