By: Helios on February 5th, 2014

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Review of the Top Mobile Apps for HR Professionals On The Go

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If you are in any way connected to technology, you are most likely using, or at least are aware of the options that come with using mobile phone applications in your everyday life. These applications have come to simply be known as “apps”. There’s an app for just about any and everything you can think of! Did you know there are great apps available to those of us in the HR world as well? Let's take a look at some the various apps that serve the purpose of providing information, networking and educating HR professionals on best practices and policies.

Review of the Top Apps HR Professionals Have at Their Fingertips:

  1. LinkedIn: The number one professional networking site. The mobile application allows all of the same benefits as the website. You are able to connect with professionals in any range of industries, join groups, associations and alumni chapters that are organized by interests. Following organizations also keeps you abreast of industry updates and information as it is shared.
  2. Yammer is an internal business, professional social networking site similar to Facebook. Your organization can create a page and link with all of its associates. There are many features that provide opportunities to share information, social updates, photos, videos, and links. There are options to create sub-groups within the organization’s page. The benefit of Yammer is that the employer manages the page and who may join.
  3. Twitter has been a great business tool used to create buzz about the organization’s services and programs. Twitter reaches millions of users across the world. The more your organization tweets, the more exposure and interest it generates. Large organizations have ensured they respond via Twitter to customer service complaints as well as shared “feel good” stories about the helping in the community.
  4. Facebook can be another great tool for attracting clients to your organization. There are many Facebook HR pages that have a variety of topics such as job searches, best practices discussions, and networking.
  5. Direct Report lets you track and record employee feedback. Notes are timestamped and can be sent as a report via email as well as sorted by date and time. The information can also be categorized by type whether it is positive, neutral or constructive.
  6. The Interviewer provides help with improving interviewing skills. This app walks a candidate through each phase of the interview process. Prior to an interview the candidate can determine primary skills for the position and access questions from those categories. The questions can then be emailed, printed and reviewed.
  7. HR Dictionary Know your nomenclature with this HR management dictionary app - containing more than 900 terms, albeit with a US slant.
  8. The Influencer is an app that allows managers to address conflict in the office or personality clashes along with improving workplace relationships. The user simply responds to a series of questions about the issue at hand. The app then identifies the user’s communication approach style and offers tips and advice to improve the relationship. An action plan is even created to help the person change their work style.
  9. BambooHR Remember when you were a kid and you tried on a new pair of tennis shoes? It felt like you could run faster and jump higher than you could in your old shoes. BambooHR is like that, but for tracking and managing your employee data. You'll feel like you can jump over tall buildings and stop bullets with your teeth—it's that awesome.
  10. JobSpeek is a job-posting app for recruiters. It allows the user to record a “hiring message”. The recording allows a one minute message that describes to candidates the criteria of the posted position and includes a photo of their business. The JobSpeek posting is also posted to other search engines, such as SimplyHired, JuJu, and Glassdoor.
  11. Kronos Workforce this is a time-and-attendance management app. Managers are able to approve time cards, requests for time off and even reviewing labor costs. Employees are able to view their work schedule and submit time punches in addition to other features.
  12. Kenexa 2X  lets managers approve job requisitions and make hiring decisions.
  13. ADP’s Run Mobile Payroll solution allows users to manage payroll from their mobile devices. Payroll data can be reviewed and approved as well as, editing of pay rates and pay periods, enter vacation and sick time, calculate taxes.
  14. SuccessFactors’ BizX  provides an organizational chart that allows users to locate subject matter experts quickly. There is also a recruiting function that allows approval of requisitions, candidate feedback and approval of offers.
  15. Taleo Radar helps users connect and engage with a talent network. The app uses GPS-based mobile technology to identify job opportunities in the area as well as business networking and collaboration possibilities. Users create posts about what they have to offer and opportunities they’re seeking and can view other professionals located near them and send connection requests. The app is available for iPhone and iPad at the iTunes store.
  16. The Department of Labor Timesheet App lets employees track the hours they work, their break times and overtime. The app provides workers with a means of recording work hours which in turn ensures an accurate payroll.

Human Resources professionals are becoming much more open to using remote resources such as apps. As with many individuals, HR professionals are incorporating apps as a tool for flexibility, increasing competitiveness and responsiveness. Apps create a high level of efficiency and can range in services from providing company policies, benefits, recruiting and performance management. Even employees outside of the HR realm can benefit from these apps. The flexibility of using apps increases access to HR as well as responsiveness to important matters.