By: Kathy Albarado on April 29th, 2014

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Best Ways to Attract, Retain and Engage High Performing Teams

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Congratulations to those organizations recently honored for building a “culture of intention”! Being named a Helios Apollo Awardee, a Best Places to Work, or an Outstanding Corporate Citizen, is a testament to the level of impact your leadership is making on your organization, your team and the community.

As the President and CEO of Helios HR, I often am asked “What does building a culture of intention mean?” I use the term to describe the intentional focus on creating a culture that attracts, retains and engages high performing teams. If you aspire to get recognized for your remarkable culture, continue reading my thoughts on how to build a culture of intention.

You first need to be very clear on what you’re looking for.  Skills are a given, but how do you ensure you’re hiring for cultural fit? For character? For values alignment?

You would be surprised how often we lack clarity on not only articulating our values, but more importantly—defining the behaviors that support those values.  “Quality, Excellence and Responsiveness” may look different to you than they do to me.  Too frequently the values that we believe should drive our culture are used more as a PR campaign. Posted on a website, on the walls of an office and even carried as a wallet-sized card—yet we often miss opportunities to describe the behaviors we expect to support those values.

Are your leaders demonstrating your values daily? Do you incorporate them into your language daily? How do you ensure candidates under consideration embrace your values?

For fun, read below and rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest score) on how well you hire, retain and engage really exceptional team members:

  1. We clearly define our values as an organization.
  2. We articulate, communicate and reference those behaviors that demonstrate the values and make these the most significant part of our hiring process.
  3. We give feedback as feed forward!
  4. We provide frequent and regular coaching and developmental opportunities.
  5. We create an environment where people leverage their strengths every day.
  6. We take frequent pulse checks asking our employees what they value.
  7. Our employees believe we over communicate.
  8. Our employees participate in frequent company sponsored community impact initiatives, supporting team building and providing leadership development opportunities.
  9. We encourage people to bring their “whole selves” to work every day.
  10. We treat our employees like volunteers.

How did you do?

95-100 Doing great! You must be one of the winners of Best Places to Work, Outstanding Corporate Citizens or the Helios Apollo Awards!

89-94 You’ve been intentional about focusing on these areas, but still have more work to do.

80-88 You recognize these as areas of opportunity, but may not have the time or the right resources to execute.

70-79 You feel as if you are strong in some areas, but are not sure if your employees agree.

< 70 You could use help identifying and implementing the areas and programs that could provide the greatest impact.

I believe that if we hire the right team members --those that embrace our culture -- then all of a sudden… the word “work” no longer applies to what we do every day.  For those of us who surround ourselves with high performing, engaged team members building a culture of intention, we create an environment where everyone looks forward to showing up each day.

To have a conversation about further exploring your ability to hire, retain and engage outstanding top performing team members, feel free to call me directly: 703-860-3882 X107.