By: Claudia Lopez on December 10th, 2020

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Why Using a Search Firm is Best for Hiring Top Talent

Diversity & Inclusion | Talent Acquisition

Recruiting and finding the right candidate can be an intense process for any size organization in every industry. Particularly now, that we are all busy reinventing how to deliver results and meet goals while been equally busy adapting to our current and evolving work environment.

You might think that with the national unemployment rate currently at 6.7%, you could just post a job ad somewhere and wait for the right candidate to apply. But what if you already tried that and you didn’t get any results? What if the candidate you want to hire is busy working for their current employer and didn’t come across your job ad?

Search firms can ensure you hire the best possible talent without having to spend an extensive amount of time, resources, and internal recruiting efforts. Outsourcing the hiring process to a professional recruiting firm allows you to focus on business while supporting your employees and meeting the new needs of your clients.

The Top 4 Benefits of Partnering with a Recruiting Search Firm

1) Improve Diversity and Inclusion

Eliminating biases through the hiring process can be difficult and it requires balanced thinking through the entire recruitment lifecycle process. Working with a search firm offers a third-party perspective and provides greater assurance that candidates are being selected based on their competencies. For instance, at Helios, we are all certified diversity recruiters and bring that knowledge for each of our search engagements.

Professional recruiting firms also exploit advance technology and resources to identify candidates from diverse candidate pools. Using technology and software to hide data that promotes bias by removing names, schools, dates, and club affiliations, ensures that hiring teams focus on competency-based hiring to move candidates through the hiring process.

2) Cost Effectiveness

Sourcing, interviewing, and evaluating candidates is a full-time job. With many competing priorities and responsibilities, hiring managers often place recruiting on the back burner. The cost of not filling an open position can affect the team’s productivity, accuracy, and morale. This is particularly important when hiring for an executive role, every day you don’t have the right executive in place is another day your company is missing direction, focus, and leadership.

A professional recruiting firm works by becoming an extension of your team, you will be assigned a dedicated recruiter who will take the time to learn and understand key areas of your business and company culture. In addition, working with a subject matter expert that focuses on your industry and has a large network of candidates as well as the ability to uncover passive talent is invaluable.

3) Only Interview Top Talent

Instead of sorting through hundreds of resumes and applications, search firms present you with a select number of applicants that have already been vetted and probe on any potential areas of concern early in the interview process. Most search firms have an extensive and meticulous candidate screening process which often includes detailed phone interviews, background, and reference checks.

Search firms will manage all of the interview planning and organization for both the client and the candidate assisting as a communication liaison between you and the candidates.

Once a candidate has been selected, professional recruiting firms can also add value by assisting with salary negotiations and helping to “close the deal” by offering industry benchmarking support and market value knowledge.

4) Confidentiality

Discretion and confidentiality are very important for both companies and candidates when recruiting for an executive level position. By working with a search firm, you can ensure that the hiring process will be discrete and supports the privacy of your company.

In most cases the top candidates are often employed and working for competitors or affiliate companies. Working with a search firm allows you to hire the best candidate while preserving important business connections.

Using a search firm can be beneficial whether you are expanding leadership, replacing talent, or planning a recruiting succession plan. A search firm can help you move your organization and hiring goals forward while minimizing risk and alleviating the high cost of having a position vacant for too long.

Professional recruiting firms are also here to help you build and develop stronger teams by improving diversity and inclusion, cost effectiveness, providing efficiency in your hiring process, and confidentiality. For more information on a recruiting partnership with our search firm, set up a consultation call today.