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By: Helios on July 26th, 2013

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How to Find the Best HR Outsourcing Company

Business Management & Strategy | Employee Relations

How to Find the Best HR Outsourcing CompanyOne of the most important pieces to an effective Human Resources (HR) department is the trust developed through proven results, regular accessibility and face-to-face interactions of the HR team members. How can trust be earned by outsourcing a function designed to help employees grow and engage with their company?

Maintaining Your Culture with an HR Outsourcing Firm

Company culture drives employee engagement. Over time, employees may feel separated from senior management or discouraged by their lack of growth potential. This ultimately results in employees becoming disengaged over time resulting in a lack of productivity thereby reducing the employer’s return on investment in their employment.

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At Helios, our HR outsourcing consultants are more than just a tactical resource or strategic advisor. We serve as a conduit between line staff and senior management in cultures where sharing thoughts and new ideas have been perceived as challenges in the past. Our HR outsourcing consultants strive to encourage employees to demonstrate their value to the company and provide them with the tools necessary to have worthwhile and meaningful conversations whether in the break room or in the board room. The value in increasing an employee’s confidence in presenting themselves as a valuable member of the team is the intrinsic sense of self-confidence that comes from seeing one of their ideas implemented across the company or from the pat-on-the-back from a coworker or senior manager who has benefited from their professional development.

Helios HR is also well versed in analyzing, designing and implementing human resources plans to encourage growth from within. Whether it is a new performance management system, compensation plan, or employee opinion survey, our HR consultants take the time to speak with all levels of employees in either a one on one meeting or in a series of focus groups in order to better identify the unique challenge driving the decline of team morale, productivity or engagement.

I truly enjoy the surprised look on employees faces when they discover that I am a third-party HR consultant after having worked with me for several months. When Helios HR’s consultants partner with clients for HR outsourcing, we are not only engaged in the process of delivering results; we are engaged with the company, it's culture and most importantly, it's employees.

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