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By: Krystal Freeman on October 11th, 2013

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How to Turn Football Season from a Distraction into High Employee Morale

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Helios HR on Football Friday

Bryan previously wrote about How to Build a Stronger Company, Department and Community through Fantasy Sports and offered some great ideas on how he's encouraged leagues at work. Let's face it, it’s on everyone’s mind around the office. Employees are talking about their favorite football teams, how the teams rank against one another, and the scores from Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night’s games. This conversation can become a bit of a distraction in the office. However, I'm here to share how you as the manager, should use this to build upon employee morale. Change the “football buzz” from a distraction to a morale booster!

Here are 6 ways to help build your employee morale during football season:

1) Team Building Activities: Many of your employees share some of the same teams, but may not know it! Use this as an opportunity to have your employees get to know one another and get some cross training done. You could even have a fantasy football work league!

2) Jersey Days: Allow your employees to come to work a little more casual on a Friday. Let them wear their favorite team jerseys. Your employees will be excited to show their team spirit and feel a little more relaxed during the day since they are not wearing their dress shoes, shirt and suits.

3) Lunch around Football: Employee’s love food and it is always a good morale booster. Your employees will feel appreciative that you supplied them with their favorite football food such as pizza, wings, nachos, french fries, sodas and the like.

4) Football after Work: Meet at a local restaurant that shows football games in the evenings with your employees. It will allow you an opportunity to get to know your employees a little more and for them to get to know one another.

5) Show off the Winning Teams: Leave a little surprise on the desks of your employees whose teams were winners. I’m sure they would be pleased that you were thinking of them and taking the time to remember their favorite team.

6) Enjoy the Conversation: Take a little time to enjoy the football conversation. This little break from work will give your employees an opportunity to step away from work for a bit. When the employees return from their break, they will refreshed and ready to work.

At first glance, the football chatter can seem to be a distraction. However, be creative as the manager. Use football season to be creative and take an active interest in your employees while building their morale.