By: Helios on May 19th, 2014

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The 3 Best Work/Life Benefits to Attract and Engage Top Talent

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Innovative benefits can strengthen employee engagement at your company by showing employees their organization cares about them as a person and not just as a number. Work-life benefits take into account an employee’s life inside and outside of work and are also a great way to attract potential employees. One of the best ways to gain the interest of potential job candidates is to offer flexibility at work and advertise your organization’s innovative and competitive benefits.

Below are highlights of the three best work-life benefits for attracting, retaining, and engaging your workforce:

  1. Unlimited Paid Time Off : You can show your employees that you appreciate them and trust them by offering unlimited paid time off.  This approach to leave focuses more on accomplishing the work rather than the number of hours an employee is logging. Unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO) is a growing trend for innovative companies working in all industries. Allowing employees to take time off when they need it encourages a culture of freedom and responsibility and results in a more productive work environment. Instead of employees working just because they have to, employees show up to work each and every day fully engaged and ready to work because they want to.
  1. Parental Leave: The United States trails the rest of the world when it comes to mandated paid maternity and paternity leave, but you as an organization can make the choice to offer a progressive and innovative benefit to your employees by offering paid leave for both parents when they have a new baby either through birth or adoption. In fact, we are gradually seeing a trend of companies offering more comprehensive parental-leave policies than required by state and federal laws. This new policy can help you attract and retain a younger labor market that would like to spend more time with family.
  1. Flexible Work Arrangements: Employees don’t have to be chained to their desks to be productive and engaged. In fact, showing your employees that you understand the pressures of life outside of work and are flexible in the hours they put in to get the job done will in turn create a more engaged workforce. Allowing employees to work from home one day a week or keep untraditional hours instead of enduring a long commute can go a long way for engagement and retention. Flexible work arrangements can reduce stress, improve productivity, and increase employee satisfaction.

 Overall, it’s about showing your employees you care. By offering benefits to employees that showcase work-life integration, you differentiate yourself from the competition.  What are some ways your organization shows your employees you care about their personal and work lives and the ever increasing need to integrate both?