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Sarah Shepherd

Blog Feature

Total Rewards

By: Sarah Shepherd
November 7th, 2023

I’ll never forget the first time I got a Total Rewards statement. I remember looking at it and thinking, “The benefits I get from these people are worth HOW MUCH?!” At the time, I was just beginning my HR career, still working to understand the difference between an FSA and an HSA, so seeing all of these benefits at once blew my mind. Looking back on that moment with years of HR experience, I know that this was not a good thing. Let me tell you why.

Blog Feature

Risk Management

By: Sarah Shepherd
April 18th, 2016

Spring has approached, which always seems like the time of year I like to get organized and get rid of unnecessary clutter. It is also the perfect time for your HR department to do some of their own spring cleaning for better order in the workplace. As an HR consultant serving as the HR leader for my clients, I typically have a lot going on in Q4 and Q1. We may be managing open enrollments, setting budgets, hiring new employees, finalizing payroll, and conducting performance reviews. Come spring, I like to take advantage to ensure my HR function is up to date with the latest compliance obligations as well as purge files to create less unnecessary clutter. If you are ready to reset for Q2 and the months ahead, here are 10 tasks I tackle each spring to get the HR Department better organized for the year.