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Samantha Allison

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Talent Acquisition

By: Samantha Allison
September 22nd, 2020

The recruiting process under normal conditions can be challenging, full of unexpected twists and turns. During a global pandemic, the challenges are heightened. As a recruiting consultant, I often come across candidates who back out during the application process, drop out during the interview stage, or never respond at all after initial communication (ghosting). 

Blog Feature

Total Rewards | Risk Management | Best Practices | Talent Acquisition

By: Samantha Allison
November 15th, 2018

Many of my clients are surprised when I share that a proper job title and well-written job description are two fundamental building blocks in a successful search for the right employee. Both a job title and the description are the first impressions an applicant has of your company, and it is essential that they are accurate while defining the job.

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Employee Relations

By: Samantha Allison
August 17th, 2018

Today’s workforce is remote and it tends to be the hardest to develop and train due to the lack of personal interactions as face-to-face communication is not always possible. I think we can both agree that having well-trained employees is vital to operating a successful business. Leaders like you often come to us for new and creative ways to stay connected to their employees, and our goal as consultants is to help show you how.