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2018 Shutdown: What Happens Next? Considerations for Federal Contractors

January 21, 2018

Considerations for Contractors with the Government Shutdown The government shutdown of 2013 lasted 16 days. Fortunately, we have just heard that the House, Senate, and the Executive Office have found common ground and the government has reopened after day 3. There’s still a chance, however, that after February 8th, we could find ourselves in a […]

How to Create & Maintain a Respectful Workplace

November 1, 2017

There is so much in the news today about our culture in the United States. With the recent #MeToo campaign, in which people are indicating they have suffered sexual harassment or assault, to the troubles in Hollywood, people are growing tired of not being treated with respect and dignity. We have become a society that […]

How to Survive Open Enrollment

October 24, 2017

You just met with your Meltzer Rep and signed the renewal for next year’s insurance programs.  What should you do now with your benefit plan changes going into effect in few months? Getting organized is the first step to a successful Open Enrollment. Determine Your Communication Methods Depending on your employee population and level of computer […]

Why DIY Change Management is NOT a Best Practice

October 19, 2017

The term ‘change management’ hurts my brain. It doesn’t do justice to the very important work of transition and transformation. Repositioning a company for product, financial, market, and competitive advantages is very important work. Many practitioners of change management hold to strict process constructs, when in fact they should flex with the purpose/intention of the […]

4 Tips to Help You Best Prepare for Open Enrollment

October 9, 2017

        Fall is here and this is the time of year that some employers dread…Open Enrollment season. It’s never too early to prepare for open enrollment and engage your employees to make health care choices for the following plan year. Being overwhelmed during the process is inevitable, but there are ways to […]

Frequently Asked Questions About the New(er) Form I-9

October 4, 2017

During the course of providing HR consulting services to clients, my colleagues and I have received a number of questions about the newest version of the Form I-9. In case you weren’t aware, the Form I-9 has received yet another set of updates, with the newly issued form required to be used by employers no […]

RPO Vs. Contingent Search Differences

October 2, 2017

RPO stands for Recruitment, Process, and Outsourcing RPO’s do not provide the same services or process that a contingent search would offer. This concept not only enhances the external candidate experience and it is an extension of the recruitment process; the ‘arm’ of the internal HR team. Additionally, here are just a few benefits an […]

Dealing with the Problem of Unwanted Turnover

September 26, 2017

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that 3.2 million of the roughly 153 million workers in the United States voluntarily left their jobs in July 2017. What isn’t reported by the BLS is the number of employees who had expressed the potential desire to leave their company, only to be persuaded by their […]

What You Need to Know About Employee Engagement Surveys

September 20, 2017

Take a minute to imagine all of the different generations working together in today’s society…with so much diversity…from Traditionalists (born before 1946) to Generation Z (1997 – today) to employees from different cultures, religions, and the like. This begs the question, how can these employees work together and be successful as a team and what […]

When and Why Offer Severance Pay?

September 12, 2017

According to HRA-NCA, more than 50% of employers offer severance to all levels of employees (except for gross misconduct).  As HR consultants, we commonly see severance offered for the following reasons: RIF (Reduction in Force): The most common reason for severance is when an employee is laid-off due to a position elimination. An RIF can occur […]

10-Day Protest Activity Through 9/6: Employee Notice

September 1, 2017

At Helios HR, we are committed to the safety of our clients, team members, partners, and friends. We want to inform you of a planned counter-protest rally scheduled to affect our area and the resources you can take to stay alert and plan accordingly. 10-Day March from Charlottesville to DC Please be advised that a […]

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RPO vs. Retained Search: What’s the Difference?

August 24, 2017

Which Recruiting Model is Best for Your Organization? Now that your organization has decided to seek assistance with your recruiting initiatives through an outside recruiting firm, there are additional decisions to be made. Clients often ask, “Which recruiting model is best for our organization?” Your choice may be a function of many factors, including: the […]

Interim HR Consulting Vs. Temporary Staffing Services

August 22, 2017

Your HR Manager just notified you she is leaving the area.  After sitting down and taking a deep breath, you start thinking…. “Hmm…what do I do now?” The scenarios may sound something like: “Is there anyone internally that can step in for the HR Manager?” “Do temporary staffing agencies provide HR Management staff?” “I wonder […]

5 Considerations in Conducting Performance Evaluations

August 21, 2017

It’s performance evaluation time, and everyone knows these conversations can sometimes be difficult. Whether you’re measuring engagement, presenting feedback, or conversing with your youngest employee, some scenarios will be new and unpredictable. At Helios, we’ve found there are five considerations that can change the entire delivery and reception of performance evaluations. These slight adjustments can […]

Reinventing Performance Reviews with Feedforward

August 17, 2017

How excited are you when someone says they want to “give you some feedback?” Or what about when you hear that it’s time for a Performance Review or Appraisal? What usually follows this ‘helpful information’ exchange? Typically it includes a critique of some sort, or perhaps a blindsided analysis of something gone wrong – all wrapped […]