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Communication | Total Rewards | Business Management & Strategy | Best Practices | Employee Relations

By: Helios
May 25th, 2016

Regardless of the nature of the transaction, during a merger or acquisition, all employees find themselves surrounded by change, impacting everything from organizational culture to the snacks in the kitchen.   From here it is an exercise in simple logic - with change, comes uncertainly - with uncertainty, comes attrition.  Is there no way to interrupt this equation?

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Communication | Total Rewards | Business Management & Strategy | Best Practices | Employee Relations | Career Tips

By: Kayla Bell
May 17th, 2016

As a consultant in the field of Human Resources, I am often approached for guidance on how to conduct a difficult conversation in the workplace.  I’ve had COO’s come to talk through how to share with their CEO (and boss!) that their contributions in staff meetings are negatively impacting employee morale and undermining their position as COO.  I’ve had employees come to me and ask how to talk to their manager about why they feel overwhelmed and underpaid in their role.  I’ve had friends call me up and ask about best practices for approaching their manager to let them know they will be resigning from their position.  These topics, along with a number of other topics in the workplace, are never an easy conversation to approach and I have found myself consistently providing the following advice in each scenario. Added bonus, these tips apply to those not-so-easy conversations at home as well!

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Communication | Risk Management | Business Management & Strategy | Best Practices | Employee Relations

By: Helios
May 10th, 2016

What we Learned from Live! with Kelly & Michael... On Tuesday, April 26, 2016, the television show, Live! with Kelly & Michael’s audience welcomed Kelly Ripa’s return to daytime television with a standing ovation. Kelly returned to the show after taking a few days off to celebrate her wedding anniversary and a few extra impromptu days (sick days) were taken off to allow her time to process Michael Strahan’s departure from Live. According to entertainment news, Kelly did not receive the news of Michael’s departure until a few moments prior to the information being released to the public. She was given no time to process and according to news articles, Michael Strahan was not allowed to discuss his departure with others.

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Communication | Business Management & Strategy | Best Practices | Employee Relations

By: Helios
May 2nd, 2016

A previous colleague reached out to me last week asking for advice. She had recently been promoted and now was in charge of her former peers and friends. She had worked at this company for several years and because of that, had built strong friendships with her team—both inside and outside of work. She now has to struggle with not only a new job and responsibilities, but now leading her friends and peers. She asked me: How can you best manage a team of your former peers and successfully transition?

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Communication | Diversity & Inclusion | Risk Management | Community | Business Management & Strategy | Best Practices | Employee Relations

By: Debra Kabalkin
April 26th, 2016

Around election time, we hear a couple of questions that consistently come up by our clients. Time off for voting, the do’s and don’ts of how to handle politics in the workplace, and most importantly, how to encourage voter participation. Find out how I respond to these questions below!

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Communication | Total Rewards | Risk Management | Best Practices | Talent Acquisition

By: Helios
April 14th, 2016

Over the course of my career and consulting with clients, it is not very often I come across professionals that actually like job descriptions. In fact the mere mention of job description development makes most Human Resource professionals cringe and find reason to change the subject. I, on the other hand, get excited during engagements where clients are seeking our expertise on job description development and documentation. Knowing that my services will have an immediate and positive impact on business operations by simply documenting the company’s jobs provides me with a great deal of satisfaction. While I do not expect everyone to share in my love for job documentation, I do have some good reasons to consider liking them a tad bit more than you currently do.